About Wetlands Eatery

At Wetlands Eatery (and our sister café: INSITU in Hillsborough), we capture fresh, seasonal flavours and craft our Menu, Cabinet treats and Catering to use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. You really can taste the difference!

Combined with our welcoming service and views of Ōruapaeroa-Travis Wetland, we think we have an unbeatable combination.

If you haven’t been to Wetlands Eatery before, you’ll find a warm, inviting atmosphere. That’s not said lightly – it’s very important to us that you enjoy not just our food and drinks, but how you feel while you’re here.

The proof of the effort we put in, is how so many of our customers from INSITU Cafe, have been popping in to say hello! (Some of them had been worried that our owner, Jai, had left the business. No way that’s happening – he loves both cafés too much!)

Local & Loving It

Speaking of Jai – he’s an engaged, energetic, hands-on owner and a familiar face at both cafés. Jai worked extremely hard in multiple jobs to eventually set up INSITU Cafe, then Wetlands Eatery.

Jai is a Parklands local – he, his wife, and his young son live near Wetlands Eatery. “I love that I’m seeing more and more locals spending time at the café too; that they find it a welcoming place not just to eat in, but to chat with our staff,” Jai says. 

Relaxing Café Haven

Pukekos & Port Hills

Location, location, location

How lucky are we (and our customers)! We love our views so much, we made sure the name of our café reflected what we think is a major point of difference: being just across from the Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park  (Ōruapaeroa-Travis Wetland) and Travis Wetland Walk.

You can access the wetland and Walk from Mairehau Road.

Ōruapaeroa-Travis Wetland

The wetland is an important conservation area for native wetland birds, plants and wetland/aquatic life. It is Christchurch’s most important freshwater wetland for birds; 53 species of birds (30 native species) have been recorded in the wetland.

Ōruapaeroa-Travis Wetland also supports around half of Christchurch’s total Pukeko population and is the only location in the region where Pukeko numbers are increasing.

Wetlands Eatery Hours

Monday to Friday: 7AM – 3:30PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30AM – 3PM

How to find us

345 Mairehau Road, Parklands – near Burwood Hospital, right next to Burwood Health, opposite Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park.